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Telehealth by SimplePractice is a comprehensive, user-friendly app designed to streamline the telehealth process for healthcare providers and their patients. It allows professionals to conduct virtual consultations and therapy sessions through secure video calls, eliminating geographical barriers to healthcare. 

Furthermore, this app prioritizes patient privacy and confidentiality, complying with HIPAA regulations. An innovative solution to modern healthcare needs, Telehealth by SimplePractice is revolutionizing the way we approach medical and mental health services.

Features of Telehealth By SimplePractice App

1. Secure Video Conferencing: With end-to-end encryption, SimplePractice ensures your virtual sessions are completely secure.
2. Integrated Scheduling: It integrates with your existing calendar, so you can easily schedule and manage your appointments.
3. Electronic Health Records (EHR): This feature helps you keep track of your patient's health data, providing a comprehensive picture of their health history.
4. HIPAA Compliant: Upholding the highest standards of privacy, it ensures all information is safely stored and transferred, adhering to HIPAA regulations.
5. Customizable Paperwork: Personalize intake forms, progress notes, and treatment plans to fit your practice's needs.
6. Online Billings and Invoicing: Manage your financial transactions conveniently with digital invoices, receipts, and secure payment processing.
7. Client Portal: This feature enables your patients to schedule appointments, pay bills, and sign necessary documents right from the app.
8. Multi-Device Access: Whether on a computer, tablet, or mobile, SimplePractice supports multi-device access for both providers and patients.
9. Therapy Notes: Easily take notes during or after a session for reference and continuous improvement.
10. Live Support: If you need any assistance, SimplePractice offers live support to guide you through.

Pros of Telehealth By SimplePractice App:

1. Secure and Confidential: Telehealth by SimplePractice prioritizes patient privacy with end-to-end encryption and adherence to HIPAA regulations.
2. Convenience: Integrated scheduling, online billings, and a client portal make the process more efficient for both patients and providers.
3. Comprehensive: The app provides a complete overview of a patient's health history through electronic health records.
4. Customizable: Providers can tailor paperwork to their needs, making the app flexible for different practices.
5. Accessible: Multi-device compatibility ensures patients and providers can access the platform anytime, anywhere.
Cons of Telehealth By SimplePractice App:
1. Technology Challenges: Some users may face technical difficulties or require assistance to navigate the digital platform.
2. Internet Dependency: Reliable high-speed internet is crucial for the app to function effectively.
3. Limited Physical Examination: While telehealth is great for many types of consultations, it cannot replace in-person visits when a physical examination is required.
4. Privacy Concerns: Despite the robust security measures, potential hacking or data breaches could be a concern for some users.
5. Impersonal: Some patients or therapists may miss the personal interaction that comes with face-to-face appointments.

Functions of the Telehealth By SimplePractice App

- Video Conferencing: It facilitates virtual consultations and therapy sessions, allowing providers and patients to connect regardless of distance.
- Integrated Scheduling: With the built-in calendar, providers can efficiently manage appointments and avoid double bookings.
- Electronic Health Records: By maintaining a comprehensive record of a patient's health history, providers can make informed decisions about treatment.
- Online Billings and Invoicing: It simplifies financial transactions by allowing digital invoicing and secure online payments.
- Client Portal: Through the portal, patients can make appointments, pay bills, and sign necessary documents, saving time and reducing paperwork.
- Customizable Paperwork: Providers can adapt intake forms, progress notes, and treatment plans to suit their specific needs.
- Therapy Notes: It allows therapists to make notes during or post-session for future reference and ongoing improvement.
- Multi-Device Access: The app is accessible on various devices, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted services.
- Live Support: In case of any issues, providers can reach out to the live support team for assistance.

How to Use Telehealth By SimplePractice App

1. Download and Install: Download the SimplePractice app from your device's app store and complete the installation process.
2. Sign Up: Click on 'sign up' to create a new account. Fill in your professional details to set up your profile.
3. Schedule Appointments: Navigate to the integrated calendar to schedule appointments. You can also view and manage your existing appointments here.
4. Patient Interaction: Use the secure video conferencing feature to conduct your sessions. You can interact with your patients just as you would in a face-to-face consultation.
5. Record Keeping: Utilize the Electronic Health Records feature to keep track of patient data. Enter the necessary details and ensure all information is up-to-date.
6. Customizing Paperwork: Personalize intake forms, progress notes, and treatment plans to suit your practice's needs.
7. Online Billing: Navigate to the 'Billing' section to send digital invoices and process secure online payments.
8. Therapy Notes: Make use of this feature to take notes during or post-session.
9. Seek Assistance: If you face any difficulties, reach out to the live support team for assistance.
By following these steps, you can make the most out of the Telehealth by SimplePractice app to deliver quality healthcare services.



User comments


** UPDATE** UPDATE: If you turn off wi-fi, the app will function correctly. The issue is a conflict with wifi. The network being used doesn't seem to matter. I've tried it on several networks. But turning off wi-fi on your phone solves the issue and allows the app to function correctly. ** The app worked for two weeks. Now my therapist can't hear me. I'm not muted. I tried the advice in another review, but my devices don't have the "phone" setting. Even reinstalling didn't help."


This app has never reliably worked on Android. I get constant audio and video issues, regardless of whether I use a wired headset, wireless earbuds, or no headset at all. I even double-checked app permissions and reset/rejoined multiple times, and for some reason video was getting sent out on my end but I couldn't see the other person until switching to a computer and the website. This shouldn't be hard for what seems to be a near monopoly in market share for this space. Please fix your tech"


Update 08/2023. PLEASE HELP! The app stopped pairing with my Bluetooth ear buds or headphones, even though the app and my devices are all up to date. This is extremely frustrating because it has happened in every session for 2 months! It means that I have to speak loudly and turn up the volume to hear the other person, thus removing layers of privacy AND making it harder to hear! So annoying!"

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