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Picture a handy tool that enables you to monitor your sleep patterns and gather insightful data about your sleep health right from your smartphone. That's what the myAir by ResMed App brings to the table. Developed by the healthcare technology powerhouse, Resmed, this application is a game-changer for anyone using Resmed's sleep therapy devices, specifically the AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 machines.

Imagine this: You've spent the night under the watchful eyes of the app, which is diligently recording your sleep data. When you wake up, the app serves up an overview of your night, translating hours of sleep into understandable patterns and trends. This isn't just data for data's sake; it's information you can use to understand the impact of your daily lifestyle choices on your sleep health.

Features of myAir by ResMed App

- Comprehensive Sleep Tracking: This app analyzes your sleep and provides an in-depth report each morning. It tracks your sleep stages, duration, interruptions, and even your breathing.
- Personal Sleep Score: Based on the collected sleep data, Myair assigns a personal sleep score that helps you understand the quality of your sleep.
- Tailored Tips and Coaching: The app provides personalized advice and guidance based on your sleep data, assisting you in making lifestyle changes to enhance your sleep quality.
- Equipment Reminder: The app sends timely reminders to clean or replace your Resmed machine's parts, ensuring your device functions effectively for longer.
- Data Sharing with Healthcare Provider: The app allows you to share your sleep data directly with your healthcare provider, facilitating a more personalized treatment approach.
- Compatibility: Myair works exclusively with Resmed's AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 machines, ensuring a seamless sleep therapy experience.
- Wi-Fi Requirement: To capture and store data, the app requires a stable Wi-Fi connection. This feature allows the app to provide real-time updates and accurate sleep data analysis.

Pros and Cons of myAir by ResMed App

- Personalized Sleep Data: The app provides unique insights into your sleep patterns, helping you understand your sleep health better.
- Actionable Advice: The app doesn't just monitor your sleep but also gives practical tips based on your sleep data, encouraging positive changes.
- Seamless Integration: The app is specifically designed for Resmed's AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 machines, making the experience smooth and streamlined.
- Collaboration with Healthcare Provider: The app allows you to share your sleep data with your healthcare provider, supporting a personalized approach to your sleep therapy.
- Limited Compatibility: The app only works with Resmed's AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 machines, limiting its use to those specific devices.
- Wi-Fi Requirement: The need for a stable Wi-Fi connection for data collection could be a drawback for users with unreliable internet access.
- No Offline Functionality: The app doesn't function offline, which could be inconvenient for users in areas with poor internet connectivity.

Functions of myAir by ResMed App

- Sleep Monitoring: The primary function of the myAir by ResMed App is to monitor your sleep patterns. This includes tracking your sleep stages, durations, interruptions, and your breathing patterns.
- Data Analysis: The app interprets the sleep data and offers an easy-to-understand analysis, helping you gauge your sleep quality and identify any potential issues.
- Personal Sleep Score Calculation: By analyzing your sleep data, the app calculates a personalized sleep score, which gives you an idea about your overall sleep health.
- Tailored Advice: The app provides individualized tips and coaching based on your sleep patterns, helping you make lifestyle changes that improve your sleep quality.
- Equipment Maintenance: The app reminds you when to clean or replace your Resmed machine's parts, ensuring your device operates effectively.
- Data Sharing: The app has the capability to share your sleep data directly with your healthcare provider, allowing for a personalized treatment plan.
- Wi-Fi Connectivity: The app uses a Wi-Fi connection to gather and store data, allowing for real-time updates and accurate sleep data analysis.

How to Use the myAir by ResMed App

1. Download the myAir by ResMed App: You can find this app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
2. Create an account: After downloading, open the app and register an account using your email address. You will also need to input your Resmed device serial number.
3. Connect your device: Connect your Resmed device to your home Wi-Fi network. This step is crucial as the app relies on Wi-Fi to collect and store data.
4. Start sleeping: Once you've successfully connected your device, start your sleep session as usual. The app will begin tracking your sleep data.
5. Check your results: In the morning, open the app to view your sleep report. The app translates the data into understandable sleep patterns and trends.
6. Implement the advice: Use the tailored tips and coaching provided by the app to make lifestyle changes for improving your sleep health.
7. Regular maintenance: Pay attention to the equipment reminders sent by the app. Regular cleaning and timely replacement of machine parts ensure optimal device function.
8. Share your data: For personalized treatment plans, share your sleep data with your healthcare provider through the app.

Remember, consistency is key. Use the app regularly for accurate sleep tracking and effective results.



User comments


Update: A new update has been rolled out and now it is much better! The Dashboard is available much quicker which is great. Thank you for the fix! This app is completely broken. Has not recorded anything since mid-July. Customer support says the app is broken and they are trying to fix it. I say - fire your developers and get new ones. Never roll out a software change without a rollback plan. You should have undone whatever you did so this app can be functional again. Zero stars!"


As of 9/15, the app seems to be working as expected now. As of today, 8/7, the app is missing all data after 7/30. This delay in data has occurred before and it was fixed after several days but it seems to be a recurring issue, and longer to resolve. There is a notification at the top of the app that data is delayed for several days, but without up to date data, there seems to be no real value in the app. Also wondering if my doctor is unable to see my data as well, which is concerning."


Not great. It will fail to sync data from the machine for weeks on end. When you submit a help desk ticket through the app because it is not displaying your data, no one ever responds. The app doesn't display all of the sleep data (average or max pressure, central apnea index, etc.) that the machine does so you are better off just looking at your device everyday for this data. Poor execution."

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