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The Paint By Number App combines the classic enjoyment of paint by numbers with the convenience of a digital platform. This innovative application elevates the artistic process, allowing users to produce beautiful creations with the guidance of numbered sections. Just like the traditional method, each color in the app is linked to a specific number, making it simple for even beginners to create impressive artwork. Beyond creating art, the app offers a relaxing experience that allows users to escape the routine of daily life. 


- Vast Collection of Images: The application provides a wide variety of pictures that cover different themes, ranging from peaceful landscapes to popular pop culture symbols, so that every user can find a design that they enjoy.

- Coloring System with Numbers: A key feature of the app is its simple-to-follow coloring system that is associated with numbers. Each number on the picture matches a specific color, making it easier to create artwork.

- Option to Zoom: Users have the ability to zoom in on small details for accurate coloring, as well as zoom out to see the entire artwork.

- Integration with Social Media: Through the integrated sharing options, users can effortlessly share their completed pieces on various social platforms, demonstrating their artistic abilities to friends and followers.

- Automatic Saving: The autosave function ensures that works in progress are always saved, allowing users to easily continue from where they left off.

- Additional Designs Available for Purchase: The app provides extra designs for purchase within the app, giving users the opportunity to expand their collection of artwork.

- Easy-to-Use Interface: The interface of the app is user-friendly and simple to navigate, making the selection and coloring of designs a smooth process. 

Just like any other application, the Paint By Number App has its own set of pros and cons. Let's take a closer look.


- User-Friendliness: The app is user-friendly and easy to use, making it effortless to create beautiful artworks, regardless of your level of artistic skill.
- Variety: With a vast collection of images to choose from, the app caters to a wide range of interests, ensuring there is always something that appeals to you.
- Relaxation: Acting as a form of digital art therapy, this app can help alleviate stress and promote a sense of calm.
- Social Media Sharing: The option to share your creations on social media platforms allows you to display your artwork to a larger audience.
- In-App Purchases: While the app includes many free designs, some of the more intricate ones may require a purchase.

- Advertisements: Users may come across ads while using the app, which could disrupt the coloring process.
- Device Size Limitations: Completing fine details on smaller devices can be a bit challenging, even with the zoom feature.
- Data Usage: Those with limited data plans may find the app's need for internet connectivity to access new designs to be a downside. 


- This app functions as a digital tool for relaxation and stress relief by providing digital art therapy. Engaging in coloring the designs can help to stimulate the mind and induce a meditative state, allowing users to unwind.
- The numbered coloring approach not only adds a fun element but also aids in improving concentration, precision, and color recognition, thereby enhancing cognitive abilities.
- Despite the presence of number guides, there is space for creativity as users can experiment with various color combinations, encouraging imagination and artistic skills.
- Through the social media sharing feature, users have the opportunity to display their artwork and engage with friends, family, and other app users, facilitating interaction, sharing experiences, and gaining inspiration.
- The app caters to individuals with different skill levels, from beginners to advanced artists. The number guidance system offers assistance to novices, while the intricate designs present challenges for experienced artists.
- By replicating a range of artworks, users can cultivate a deeper appreciation for art and design, allowing them to gain a better understanding of various art forms and styles.
- Apart from serving as a tool for relaxation and creativity, this app also provides entertainment, offering hours of enjoyable activity. 

Instructions for Using it

1. Get the Paint By Number App by downloading it from your device's app store and installing it.
2. Discover the app by opening it and browsing through a wide selection of designs. Choose one that interests you.
3. Select the colors by referring to the provided palette and understanding the colors that correspond to each number.
4. Begin coloring by zooming in on the design's numbered sections. Pick a color from the palette and fill in the areas with the matching numbers.
5. Save your progress using the autosave feature. You can come back to your artwork later and continue from where you stopped.
6. Be creative and try out different color combinations to add your personal touch to the design.
7. Share your completed masterpiece with friends and followers on social media platforms using the app's sharing options.
8. Purchase more designs within the app if you want to explore additional unique and detailed designs.
9. Enjoy the process of creating your masterpiece, one number at a time. Remember to have fun and relax while using the app to reduce stress and unwind.    


User comments


I have had this game for a few years and would have rated it a 5 up until just the past month or so. Recently, after watching the ads, when you press the X to close it and allow you to move on the picture, there is a 50/50 shot it will just auto install the app from the ad. I will be in the middle of painting and get the notification "X installed successfully." I hate to delete it as I have 40k gems left over from my previous membership, but auto downloading anything is not ok."


Love this app! So many wonderful pages to color and many new ones all the time. So wonderful to pay and not get ads! It's very relaxing for me as I have constant headaches and it takes my mind off of them. Like a meditation into color, design and sound if you want delightful! Plus there's a huge variety of scenes. Some from noted artists too! Highly recommend!"


One of the best coloring apps I've used! Adds aren't bad. They update pictures everyday! Challenges are not too difficult. Love the coloring stories as well. You can color 2 ways. By looking for highlighted areas or by holding your finger on a spot for a few seconds. I do feel like the add free is too expensive. I wish it was more reasonably priced."

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