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The Hannaford App is a mobile application designed to streamline your grocery shopping experience. Developed by the Hannaford Bros. Co., a supermarket chain based in the Northeastern United States, this app combines convenience with savings. The app features a digital platform where you can create your shopping list, browse weekly flyers, and even clip digital coupons to save on your purchases. One of the most unique features is the ability to track your "My Hannaford Rewards," an incentive program where users can earn a percentage back on store-brand items. The app syncs with your Hannaford account, allowing you to view and redeem your rewards directly from your mobile device. With the Hannaford App, planning your meals, finding deals, and managing your budget becomes an easier and more enjoyable task.

The Hannaford App comes packed with numerous user-friendly features that cater to a wide range of shopping needs:
- Digital Shopping List: Create and manage your grocery list right in the app. It will even sort your items by aisle, making your in-store experience more efficient.
-Weekly Flyer: Access Hannaford's weekly sales flyer directly from the app. You can even add sale items straight to your shopping list.
- Digital Coupons: Enjoy extra savings with the digital coupons available in the app. Simply clip and save them to your account and they'll automatically apply at checkout.
- My Hannaford Rewards: Track and redeem your rewards from the app. Each time you buy Hannaford store brand items, you earn 2% back.
- Barcode Scanner: Need to find a price or see if there's a digital coupon for an item? Just use the built-in barcode scanner.
- Store Locator: Find the nearest Hannaford store with ease using the built-in store locator.
- Nutritional Information: Access detailed nutritional information for thousands of products, helping you make informed choices.
- Recipe Inspiration: Get creative with your meals with the recipe section, featuring a variety of dishes and easy-to-follow instructions.

Like any application, the Hannaford App has its pros and cons.
- User-friendly interface: The app is straightforward and easy to use, making it suitable for all age groups.
- All-in-one solution: It combines shopping lists, weekly flyers, digital coupons, and rewards tracking all in one place.
- Grocery budgeting made easy: With the price information, digital coupons, and rewards program, users can efficiently manage their grocery budget.
- Accessible nutritional information: Helps users make healthy and informed choices while shopping.
- Convenient store locator: Takes the hassle out of finding the nearest Hannaford store.
- Limited to Hannaford: The app only applies to Hannaford stores, making it less useful for those who shop at different supermarkets.
- Potential technical issues: As with any app, users may encounter occasional glitches or errors.
- Requires Internet access: To update shopping lists, access coupons, or check rewards, the app requires a stable internet connection.
- No home delivery integration: While the app is convenient for in-store shopping, it does not currently support integration with home delivery services.

- Creating Shopping Lists: The Hannaford App allows users to create, edit, and manage their shopping lists, making grocery shopping easy and organized.
- Browsing Weekly Flyers: Users can view the latest weekly flyers right within the app, ensuring they never miss out on sales and promotions.
- Clipping Digital Coupons: The app provides a platform for users to clip and save digital coupons, which are automatically applied during checkout for instant savings.
- Tracking and Redeeming Rewards: Users can monitor their "My Hannaford Rewards" earnings and redeem them right from the app, making savings more convenient.
- Scanning Barcodes: The app’s barcode scanner lets users quickly check prices and look for available coupons.
- Locating Stores: With the store locator function, users can find the nearest Hannaford store in just a few taps.
- Accessing Nutritional Information: Users can find detailed nutritional information for a wide range of products, supporting healthier shopping choices.
- Finding Recipe Inspiration: The app also serves as a source of culinary inspiration, offering a variety of recipes and cooking instructions.

Using the Hannaford App is a straightforward process:
- Download and Install: Get the Hannaford App from your device's app store and install it.
- Account Setup: Open the app and register for a new account or log in if you already have one.
- Create a Shopping List: Navigate to the shopping list section and add items by typing into the search bar or using the barcode scanner.
- Browse Weekly Flyers: Access weekly flyers from the home screen and add items directly to your shopping list by tapping on them.
- Clip Digital Coupons: Go to the coupons section, browse the available options, and clip the ones you want to use. They will automatically apply at checkout.
- Track Your Rewards: Tap on the 'My Hannaford Rewards' section to view your accumulated rewards. You can redeem them at checkout.
- Store Locator: Use this feature to find the nearest Hannaford store based on your location.
- Recipe Discovery: Browse through the recipes section for meal inspiration and add required ingredients directly to your shopping list.
Remember, an internet connection is needed for most functions, and always update your app regularly for the best performance.    


User comments


Right off the bat, when trying to simply create an account, I can't submit because "our servers are having issues." A good app would have a connectivity check right in the beginning, you know, before I waste my time entering my name, email, address, phone number, password, and security questions. Updated 11 July 2019: Called customer service and they fixed all of my issues. Good app so far. Would recommend an option to filter coupons rather than having to look at them all."


loved the concept. had it installed for about a year, but then just uninstalled. the past 6 months my phone was acting up and after many times on the phone with cell provider, and trips to the cell phone provider store it was found out that the app is constantly running in the background and overriding the phones main operating system. Wow, seriously. like I've said I've stopped using the app and my phone runs great ( almost like new). until it gets the bugs worked out, I won't reinstall."


The app is necessary for savings, which is the whole point, but it has crashed 14 times (!!) since September 9, 2018. It is negatively effecting my phone's battery life and performance. Furthermore, if I select "coupons" via my computer on the app website, it is supposed to sync with the phone app and it does not. It's been very disappointing."

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