Clash Royale

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Imagine a scenario where you are playing a strategic game that involves collecting and using different cards representing characters and spells.

 Your objective is to outsmart other players in real-time battles by destroying their towers while protecting your own. 

Enter Clash Royale, a captivating game developed by Supercell, the creators of the popular Clash of Clans. Set in the lively Clash Universe, this game combines elements from collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arenas. 

In the competitive world of Clash Royale, strategy is key, so get ready to showcase your tactical skills and participate in intense battles against opponents worldwide. 

- Battles against other players happening simultaneously

- Wide range of cards to collect

- Group system within the game

- Ability to enhance cards

- System of opening chests

- Various battle arenas

- Consistent additions and improvements Clash Royale, like any other game, comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

 Here is a brief overview:

- Varied gameplay: Featuring a wide range of characters and spells, each match in Clash Royale is distinct, keeping players interested and engaged.

- Competitiveness: Real-time multiplayer battles introduce an exciting competitive element to the game, promoting a sense of community and friendly competition.

- Regular updates: The game receives frequent updates to keep it fresh and interesting, preventing it from becoming monotonous.

- Focus on strategy: In contrast to games that rely on luck, Clash Royale heavily emphasizes strategy, offering players a rewarding and satisfying gaming experience.

- In-app purchases: Although the game can be downloaded for free, in-app purchases provide paying players with an advantage, which may be frustrating for non-paying users.

- Time-consuming progression: Acquiring new cards and leveling up existing ones can be a slow process without the use of in-app purchases.

- Addictiveness: The engaging and competitive nature of Clash Royale can lead to it being quite addictive for players.

- Connectivity issues: Since the game requires an internet connection to play, any connection problems can impact the overall gaming experience. 

- Matchmaking: The application connects you with players who have a similar skill level to ensure fair and challenging battles.

- Leaderboards: Keep an eye on your progress and ranking compared to players around the world, which can serve as motivation and a goal to strive for.

- Replay Function: Analyze and learn from previous games by reviewing battles to enhance your strategy.

- Shop: The app includes a store where you can buy new cards, chests, and gems using either in-game currency or real money.

- Notifications: Stay updated with alerts for when your chests are available to open, new cards are released, or special events are taking place.

- TV Royale: This feature allows you to watch replays of top-ranking players' battles to gain insights into strategies and high-level gameplay.

- Quests: Clash Royale offers daily and weekly quests for additional rewards, adding an extra element of fun and objectives to the game.

- Training Camp: Beginners can utilize the training camp provided by the app to learn the game mechanics and practice before engaging in real battles, allowing for skill improvement without any pressure. 

How to Use it

1. Download the Clash Royale app from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install it on your device.
2. Upon opening the app, sign up with your email to create an account. The training camp will familiarize you with the basics.
3. Acquire and enhance cards, where each card represents a different character or spell for battle use.
4. Start a battle by selecting the ‘Battle’ button, where you will be paired with a player of similar skill level.
5. Place your cards strategically on the battlefield by dragging them from the bottom of the screen to your desired spot.
6. Employ your cards with a strategic approach to conquer your opponent's towers while safeguarding your own.
7. Connect with other players by joining or forming a clan, exchanging cards, and participating in Clan Wars.
8. Earn additional rewards by completing daily and weekly quests.
9. Monitor your progress on the leaderboards and review replays of your battles to enhance your strategy.
10. If you are willing to make real money transactions, you can accelerate your progress with in-app purchases. However, remember that the core essence of Clash Royale is based on strategy, not spending.    


User comments


App not working. It won't let me reorder anything. I have to enter everything manually everytime. When I try it just resets the app. The same with trying to open the monopoly game it just resets the app and won't let me enter my codes or enter the draws. Very bad design flaw especially if I were to have a winning draw submission and cannot enter it. Raises legal issues. Not even sure if they bother to read these reviews either. *Update* issue seems fixed for now. Thank you."


The app is extremely slow to load and extremely slow to use when loaded. It's laggy, unresponsive, poorly organized, and everything you tap takes 20s to load. If you need to use it in a drive-thru, better park the car somewhere else first because you can expect it to take 5 minutes for it to pull up the rewards code and 10 minutes if you intend to apply an offer to your order. It's as if the app has been specifically designed to be a pain to use so you are discouraged from using it."


Constantly freezes, about half the time it doesn't work. Even if you close the app when it freezes, doesn't do a thing and it'll remain frozen when you open it up again. Cleared cache, didn't help, restart phone, didn't help. Only thing to do is go somewhere else and hope next time it works as it seems to be very inconsistent, but when it does freeze there is abolsutely nothing you can do to fix it at that given time. It's also not a new problem, been doing this for a couple years."

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